Mix for The Seventh Wave radio show


Here’s an electronic music mix I’ve just done for The Seventh Wave radio show. Whole show is great but my mix features in the last half hour. It has a distinctly EURO vibe. READ OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL (YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS I AM TRYING TO SAY!!!11!1!).
1. Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion: Her Song – Paul Lansky
2. Vorsicht – Pye Corner Audio
3. Riparian – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
4. Music To Save The World By – Alan Burnham
5. Dripsody – Hugh LeCaine
6. Everything – Brassica
7. Das unendliche Ratsel – Reinhard Lakomy
8. Indicatif – Moderne
9. Cindy Electronium – Raymond Scott
10. The Loving Sounds Of Static (Junior Boys Remix Instrumental) – Mobius Band
11. Floating My Boat – Fenn O’Berg
12. Planetenwind – Pond
13. Den On VelluMM – Mordant music
14. Paris / Orly – Deux
15. Silver Apples Of The Moon Part 1 – Morton Subotnick